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Strengthening the Nursing Education at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital
août 25
Learning how to provide more care for our children in Haiti.
The Power of Strength and Encouraging Words
août 21
The Impact of NPH Haiti Special Needs Program, Kay St. Germaine.
With NPH Haiti, I can be someone special
juin 21
The many opportunities that I received made me want to give back.
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Parrains recherchés

Camille is Helping with Micro-farming at NPH Haiti
juil. 5
Creating sustainable sources of food for our family.
Isaac and His Siblings Found a New Family at NPH
juin 24
Forced to leave the Dominican Republic at a young age, NPH acts as a refuge for many children.
Clouds of Cholera Still Looming Around Haiti
mar. 15
Two sisters fight against Cholera
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Support a Project

Food for St. Helene Children
juin 16
Cholera Treatment at St. Damien Hospital Rehydration Center
mai 19
Daily Nourishment for Higher Education Students (One Year)
fév. 4
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Our NPH homes provide children and youths with the preparation and education to lead peaceful lives and one day contribute to society in their own countries, where child labor and violence are very close and real threats.


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Our Impact in 2015
  3,442 children in our homes
  332 new arrivals
  35 university graduates
  203 high school graduates
  261 vocational certification
  58 children with HIV
  122 full-time volunteers
  631 holy sacraments


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