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Send your family and friends greetings with a free, colorful, NPH E-Card designed by famous Latin Artists. In doing so, you support the orphaned and abandoned children of NPH.

These cards are reproductions of Latin Art. The artists live primarily in the countries where NPH works, countries full of rich traditions and talented artists. The artists cooperate with us by donating the rights of reproduction for these images. In this way we can raise funds for the children in a colorful and creative way.

Take a moment to explore the different categories and cards and send an E-Card today.


Alcatraces Alcatraces Alcatraces
Israel Vazquez Roman
Oris Robertson
José Moreno
Autorretrato con Changuito Bodegón Bodegó Mexicano
"Autorretrato con Changuito"
Frida Kahlo
Miguel García Ceballos
"Bodegó Mexicano"
Oris Robertson
Cariño El Flautista El Gallo
Eithne Malcolmson
"El Flautista"
Hella Roehr von Steinsdorff
"El Gallo"
Francisca de Diego
Estamos Todos Unidos Flores de Primavera Flores Navideñas
"Estamos Todos Unidos"
Eithne M. Malcomson
"Flores de Primavera"
Julia López
"Flores Navideñas"
Alizandro Valencia
Frutas Mexicanas Girasoles Grano de Oro
"Frutas Mexicanas"
Merle Reivich
Hella Roehr-von Steinsdorff
"Grano de Oro"
Hanneke Veenhoven de Wessels
Jugamos La Familia La Feria
Domingo Block
"La Familia"
Rufino Tamayo
"La Feria"
Alberto Vázquez Navarrete
La Paloma La Rueda de San Miguel La Silla Roja
"La Paloma"
Domingo Block
"La Rueda de San Miguel"
Patricia Juarez
"La Silla Roja"
Oris Robertson


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