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Volunteer Testimonials

METI Project
   Apr. 14, 2014
Initiative addresses critical medical needs in Haiti.
Michael P. Koster
   Jan. 29, 2014
An American doctor shares his efforts in the St. Damien's collaborative for the improvement of pediatrics in Haiti.
A Realistic Perspective of Working in Haiti
   Jan. 4, 2013
A volunteer incorporates history, politics, and NGOs work in Haiti to describe his experiences.
Two Big Reasons to Say Thank You
   Jan. 4, 2013
The story of an Italian volunteer who gives to children as God spared his child's life.
Inspired by Molly Hightower – Dani’s story
   Oct. 31, 2012
A volunteer's story and details of her positive impact at NPH Haiti.
A Humbling Experience
   May 2, 2012
A Volunteer's Story
   Feb. 21, 2012
NPH Haiti FWAL Nutrition Program


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Volunteer Naomi with a pequeño.
(NPH Mexico - 2009)

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