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BLOG: Our COVID-19 Protection Ladies
Apr. 16
A dedicated team of ladies have been supporting staff and patients in our Special Needs Program at NPH Haiti with PPE clothing and equipment during COVID-19 to enable services to remain open.
Our Voices: Ophani from NPH Haiti
Jan. 20
As part of the Our Voices series, Ophani explains how she has returned to the home she grew up in to support our younger girls during COVID-19, and the joys of having godparents.
Our Voices: Coralie from NPH Haiti St. Damien Pediatrics Hospital
Dec. 4
Coralie, 12-years-old, is being treated for leukemia at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital. She shares her thoughts on COVID-19 and thanks the doctors at the Oncology Unit for bringing her back to health.
Our Voices: Patrice from NPH Haiti
Nov. 24
Patrice loves to learn, so the restrictions caused by COVID-19 frustrated him in 2020. However, in his "Our Voices" letter, he knows that donors and Godparents are looking out for him, even from afar.
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Godparents Needed

Joseph Fights for his Life
Apr. 16
Joseph’s life turned upside down when he lost his arm to an aggressive cancer. While his life remains in balance, St. Damien and his family remain strong for him.
Surgery Ward Saves Newborn Baby
Apr. 16
St. Damien is the only hospital in Haiti that can perform specific surgical operations to save newborn babies and children. Armani is just one of thousands of success stories, thanks to Doctor Osnel Louisma.
Inside the Fish Room of St. Damien Hospital
Dec. 28
At St. Damien Hospital in Haiti there is a special ward named the “Fish Room”, which cares for abandoned children with special needs. Read how NPH Haiti helps give these children a fighting chance.
Sébastien Finds Sanctuary in the Fish Room
Dec. 22
St. Damien Hospital plays a vital role for abandoned children with special needs in Haiti. It provides treatment, love, and care, as well as a home through the Fish Room. For Sébastien, it is his only chance of survival.
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