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Year in Review: NPFS Boasts Olympians and Top-Mark Graduates in 2019
Feb. 6
From winning gold at the Special Olympics to achieving a 100% pass-rate, see how the children of NPH Haiti came out victorious in a year of political and social upheaval.
The Flavor of Haitian Christmas: Staying Close to Local Traditions
Dec. 12
NPH Haiti makes a special effort to help children keep in touch with French Creole holiday customs.
First-ever Graduating Class of NPH School Signals Triumph Born of Disaster
Nov. 12
The inaugural Class of 2019 completed their studies at the NPH EMAL school created in response to the tragic 2010 Haiti earthquake.
NPH Impacts the Education Landscape in Haiti
Nov. 11
NPFS strives to build brighter futures for Haiti’s children through our education programs.
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A Boy Lost and Found in the Chaos of the Haiti Earthquake
Jan. 10
From losing his mother in the 2010 Haiti Earthquake to living on the street at age 6, one boy found compassion and support amid the chaos.
My First Christmas Ever
Dec. 13
One little boy, who had never celebrated Christmas, now finds love, joy, and blessings among his NPH family.
Marcel: “NPH Haiti Is My New Family”
Nov. 11
NPFS rescues another child from poverty and supports him to live with disability and dignity.
St. Damien Saves One Child’s Life and Restores His Family’s Hope
Nov. 11
By providing affordable cancer care, NPH Haiti St. Damien Pediatric Hospital helps Eric recover from childhood leukemia and helps his parents save their home.
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Our Impact in 2018

  3,090 supported children
  310 new arrivals
  42 university graduates
  308 high school graduates
  88 full time volunteers
  545 Holy Sacraments
  114,566 services provided through community programs


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