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The Quiet Power of Deep Faith: Sr. Philomena Perrault
mai 7
This week we mourn the passing of an NPH founding sister and a contemporary of Fr. Wasson. Fr. Rick Frechette shares a personal reflection on the power of Sr. Philomena Perrault.
Lifesaving Surgery Defies National Crisis
avr. 10
A mother reflects on the lifesaving care her daughter received. And she thanks NPH Haiti for providing reliable, no-cost care to those who need it.
Premature Newborns Have the Best Chance for Survival at St. Damien
avr. 10
Learn about the extensive range of care St. Damien Hospital provides to prematurely born babies.
Good Nutrition Combats Many Childhood Ills at NPH Haiti
avr. 10
Raising healthy children is hard in a country or family plagued by poverty. At NPH, children are free to learn, play, and grow as they should, without worry for their health, nutrition, and other critical needs.
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Kay Germaine: Supporting children with special needs in the community
juin 13
At NPH, we help vulnerable families in the community by providing low-cost professional care for children with special needs.
Malnutrition Program Saves Lives at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital
avr. 10
The successful treatment of a malnourished toddler demonstrates the three phases of St. Damien’s malnutrition treatment program.
Finding Stability at NPH
mar. 12
A young man reflects on the stability he found growing up at NPH Haiti. Now in university, he thanks everyone who has made his success possible.
Finding Peace and a Future at NPH Haiti
oct. 15
A 16-year-old boy talks about the peace he has found at NPH and his hopes for his life afterwards.
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