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Offering Health to Our Communities
août 15
A pillar of the community - screenings, immunizations, pre-natal care and health education.
Help Us Celebrate Fr. Rick's Birthday!
août 8
Your gift helps supports the life-saving work of Fr. Rick and the NPH Haiti teams.
Celebrating the End of the School Year with an Excursion
juil. 13
Helping children discover their strengths and greatness.
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NPH Community Programs
Our NPH Family Responds - our community programs continue to provide over 100,000 services yearly. At NPH we implement the best care practices and customize our services to meet the needs of the communities where we live and serve.


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A Nurse Gives Back to the Family that Raised Her
août 6
NPH offers children a chance to dream, and older youth the opportunity to advance in their studies.
NPH Farms: Successfully Achieving Zero Hunger in our Homes
juin 20
Hard work in our farm ensures that our children have three meals a day to grow up strong and healthy.
Healing With Time
mar. 31
Cassandra* has made great progress despite numerous obstacles.
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Our Impact in 2017

  3,159 supported children
  112 new arrivals
  43 university graduates
  185 high school graduates
  94 full time volunteers
  324 Holy Sacraments
  143,270 services provided through community programs


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Malnutrition Support in Haiti
août 13
Special Needs Training and Development
avr. 16
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