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First-ever Graduating Class of NPH School Signals Triumph Born of Disaster
nov. 12
The inaugural Class of 2019 completed their studies at the NPH EMAL school created in response to the tragic 2010 Haiti earthquake.
NPH Impacts the Education Landscape in Haiti
nov. 11
NPFS strives to build brighter futures for Haiti’s children through our education programs.
St. Damien Hospital Holds Global Pediatric Conference in Haiti
nov. 11
Two local doctors honored with official pediatric surgeon certification to mark opening ceremony of global gathering.
Alfonso Leon Wins Prestigious Ohtli Award for His Commitment to the People of Haiti
nov. 11
After decades abroad, Hermano Mayor Alfonso Leon receives the prestigious Ohtli Award from the Mexican government for mentoring and supporting youth in communities throughout Haiti.
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Marcel: “NPH Haiti Is My New Family”
nov. 11
NPFS rescues another child from poverty and supports him to live with disability and dignity.
St. Damien Saves One Child’s Life and Restores His Family’s Hope
nov. 11
By providing affordable cancer care, NPH Haiti St. Damien Pediatric Hospital helps Eric recover from childhood leukemia and helps his parents save their home.
Baby Sofia Beats the Odds
nov. 11
St. Damien Pediatric Hospital maternity and neonatology units worked together to save the life of baby Sofia. Born five weeks early with serious complications, today she thrives and grows stronger by the day.
Kay Germaine: Supporting children with special needs in the community
juin 13
At NPH, we help vulnerable families in the community by providing low-cost professional care for children with special needs.
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  310 new arrivals
  42 university graduates
  308 high school graduates
  88 full time volunteers
  545 Holy Sacraments
  114,566 services provided through community programs


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