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Volunteer Program

For the past 28 years, NPH has been in Haiti working with the poorest of the poor, working tirelessly with the local people and raising children in not one but now two loving homes. Volunteers have been an essential part of the growth and development of all NPH Haiti programs and continue to work directly with the children, staff and patients in the programs throughout the country.

Volunteers can serve with NPH in Haiti between four of our programs (St. Damienís Pediatric Hospital, Kay St. Helene, Father Wassonís Angels of Light and Kay Germaine) and live between three different locations (Tabbare, Petionville and Kenscoff). Volunteers are accepted on an as needed basis because the needs in Haiti are very unique and specific. Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age, be able to commit to a minimum of 12 months of service, and are expected to speak some Creole or French or be willing to take courses in Creole before starting their service.

Currently we do accept married couples that would like to volunteer together, but unfortunately we do not have housing for volunteer families.

Kenscoff (Kay St. Helene): St. Helene, our flagship home, is placed in a lush and cool location about 25 miles (about an hour and a half) up the mountain from the capital of Port-au-Prince. St. Helene currently is home to over 350 children. On the same property as the childrenís homes, volunteers also live on-site in a volunteer house, which also houses visitors. Volunteers often share a room with a fellow volunteer of the same sex and share a bathroom too. There is a common kitchen, patio and living room that look over the beautiful view of the mountains of Kenscoff.

In addition to our long-term volunteer program, at St. Helene exclusively, we also offer a short-term volunteer opportunity. Over the summer months, we often accept short-term volunteers from June to August. These volunteers usually help out with our summer school program teaching various workshops. We have the same expectations for the short-term volunteers as we do for the long-term. We want our volunteers to become a part of our family regardless of the length of their stay.

Petionville (Kay Germaine Special Needs School, Kay Gabriel and Kay Elaine Rehabilitation Outpatient Centers): Volunteers who work with Kay Germaine, Kay Gabriel or Kay Eliane live in Kay Eliane which is located in Petionville, about an hour outside of the capital. Volunteers have their own room but share a bathroom with their fellow volunteers. There is a common kitchen and living area for the community of four volunteers that can live at Kay Eliane. With NPH transportation, the volunteers are brought to Kay Germaine (the main work site) and brought home after the workday is over. The living quarters are located in the middle of Petionville, which is a very urban city.

Tabbare (St. Damienís Pediatric Hospital and Father Wassonís Angels of Light): In Tabarre, on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince and just 20-30 minutes from the airport, is Villa Francesca, where volunteers who work in St. Damienís Pediatric Hospital and Father Wassonís Angels of Light live. Located walking distance from both programs, the long-term volunteers share a house with other volunteers of the same sex. Volunteers often share a room with another volunteer and the house has a common bathroom, living room and small kitchen area. Villa Francesca has a larger kitchen where the volunteers have lunch prepared for them each day and space to make breakfast and dinner.

All of the positions have volunteers working side-by-side with Haitian staff. We expect volunteers to be reliable, flexible, and respectful of the local culture, authority, and ways of the home. Volunteers should arrive with a positive, open-minded attitude.

Volunteers may also be asked to work on projects or fulfill tasks outside of their job. We ask that volunteers be open to the possibility and potential for new programs, workshops, trainings and other educational opportunities to better educate our staff. Also, the volunteers working in the childrenís homes will be asked to spend time with the children after work and on the weekends.

We are looking for volunteers who truly are looking to serve the children and people of Haiti. Volunteers who come open-minded, independent and ready to teach and also learn are most successful. We have many possibilities and are just waiting for the right people to come and be a part of our large family.





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