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Nos Petits Freres et Sœurs A.I.P. - Haiti

Fr. Richard Frechette CP President
Nadine Dédé Rhau Advisor to the NPFS Board President
Wynn Walent Advisor to the NPFS Board President
Augusnel Osme Advisor to the NPFS Board President
Sr. Marie Michellette Home Director
Robin Forestal Administration Assistant
Denso Gay Communication Officer
Ferel Bruno Special Projects Assistant

Contact Info

Phone & Fax 1:  +509-2257-0426
Phone & Fax 2:  +509-2257-6594
General:  info.ht@nph.org
National Director:  nd.ht@nph.org
Communications:  co.ht@nph.org
Accounting:  ac.ht@nph.org
Fundraising:  fr.ht@nph.org
Family Services:  fs.ht@nph.org
Ombudsman:  om.ht@nph.org
Project Coordinator:  pc.ht@nph.org
Public Relations:  pr.ht@nph.org
Social Work:  sw.ht@nph.org
Sponsorships:  sp.ht@nph.org
Visitors:  vi.ht@nph.org
Volunteers:  vo.ht@nph.org
Technical Support:  it.ht@nph.org
E-mail:  info.ht@nph.org



Mail Address

NPFS Correspondence
8360 NW 68th Street
Miami, FL 33166

Office Location

Rue A. Pierre Paul #3
Block Valerios Canez and US Embassy

Home "Sainte Hélène" & School

Kenson Kaas National Director of Childcare
Sr. Michelle School Director
Gena Heraty Director of Special Needs Programs
Address:  Rue de Furcy
Mail:  See Office
E-mail:  info.ht@nph.org

Hospital "Saint Damien Châteaublond"

Dr. Jacqueline Gautier National Director for St. Damien Pediatric Hospital and St. Kay Germaine
Address:  Carrefour Rues Pierre Paul et Auguste
Chateaublond, Tabarre
Mail:  See Friends SE

Special Needs Children "Saint Germain"

Address:  Carrefour Rues R. Auguste et T. Auguste
Chateaublond Tabarre

FWAL Administration "Father Wasson Angels of Light"

Alfonso León Associate Director





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