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Although each of our homes is unique and special, they do have a lot in common. They provide love and security, they stress the importance of education, and teach the values of sharing, work and responsibility.

Education is a priority. It is one of the most important tools NPH can give the children in order to break the cycle of poverty affecting their lives and to help them become independent adults. Some pequeños excel at academics and strive to earn university scholarships. Others receive vocational training in one of many trades including ceramics, carpentry, cosmetology, tourism, computer sciences, electronics, child care, and animal husbandry.

The children also gain valuable experience from their various responsibilities while growing up at the home. They help clean the dorms, prepare meals in the kitchen, translate letters from the Godparents, plant and harvest in the fields and care for the livestock. The older pequeños gain leadership skills when they oversee these tasks during a year or more of family service, sometimes even going to help at one of the homes in another country. Many serve in the role of "encargado" (dorm parent), loving, counseling and caring for their younger brothers and sisters.

The children take great pride in their work, knowing they are contributing to their family's survival.

If you are interested in visiting one of our homes, see the Calendar section for a listing of upcoming trips.

Click on one of the countries listed above for more detailed information about each home. For more information on the number of children in our homes, view the NPH Census and Statistics.


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