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There is a crisis in Haiti. Dire circumstances—violence, fuel shortages, rampant inflation—have left innocent children and youth in precarious and sometimes life-threatening conditions.

For decades NPH Haiti, St. Damien Pediatric Hospital, and the St. Luke Foundation have served Haiti’s most vulnerable. Support the work of NPH. Please join us to help Haiti today.



Oct. 10
Serving Others in the Face of Danger
Since intense political unrest began in Haiti last month, just going to work has become an ordeal.
Sep. 30
Social Unrest in Haiti: The Impact on the NPH Family and the Nation
NPHI President Reinhart Koehler shares his thoughts on the current unrest in Haiti and the impact on NPH services and the population
Sep. 24
Fr. Rick Frechette: Burying the Dead, and Raising Cain
The Ethical & Medical Advisor of NPHI shares his thoughts and experiences on the current social unrest in Haiti.
May 7
The Quiet Power of Deep Faith: Sr. Philomena Perrault
This week we mourn the passing of an NPH founding sister and a contemporary of Fr. Wasson. Fr. Rick Frechette shares a personal reflection on the power of Sr. Philomena Perrault.
Apr. 10
St. Damien Pediatric Hospital's High-Risk Maternity Ward: A one-of-a-kind program in Haiti
NPH Haiti's pediatric and maternity programs have evolved to fill a critical care gap. Beyond meeting an important need, the team brings healthcare excellence to an underserved population.
Apr. 10
Lifesaving Surgery Defies National Crisis
A mother reflects on the lifesaving care her daughter received. And she thanks NPH Haiti for providing reliable, no-cost care to those who need it.
Dec. 5
You Can Change the Present
Purchase a holiday gift online for a NPH child.

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