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Sep. 7
A Visit to Haiti and A Learning Experience NPH Italy visitor group journal entries.


Aug. 15
Offering Health to Our Communities A pillar of the community - screenings, immunizations, pre-natal care and health education.
Aug. 14
NPH Spain's Visit to Our Family in Haiti The Director of NPH Spain reflects on the joys and struggles encountered in just one day of a visit to NPH Haiti.
Aug. 8
Help Us Celebrate Fr. Rick's Birthday! Your gift helps supports the life-saving work of Fr. Rick and the NPH Haiti teams.


Jul. 13
Celebrating the End of the School Year with an Excursion Helping children discover their strengths and greatness.
Jul. 9
NPH Haiti Family is Safe Third day of protests and violence.


Jun. 6
The Importance of Providing Training Visiting experts help advance our staff in our special needs programs.


Apr. 26
Welcoming Archbishop Mesidor to NPH Haiti Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs - NPH Haiti - received an official visit from Monseigneur Max Leroy Mesidor, the Archbishop of Port-au-Prince.
Apr. 10
Connections Across Oceans - Miss Italia and NPH Haiti Martina Colombari, actress, model, and former Miss Italia, shares the impact that NPH has had on her.


Feb. 2
Our Athletes - Proudly Representing Haiti at the Special Olympics Jacinta McGuane, Associate Manager of the NPH Haiti Special Needs Program, shares this monumental event with us.




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