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There is a crisis in Haiti. Dire circumstances—violence, fuel shortages, rampant inflation—have left innocent children and youth in precarious and sometimes life-threatening conditions.

For decades NPH Haiti, St. Damien Pediatric Hospital, and the St. Luke Foundation have served Haiti’s most vulnerable. Support the work of NPH. Please join us to help Haiti today.



Jul. 3
NPH Haiti: Special Needs Update
Hear the latest from Gena Heraty on how our NPH Haiti Special Needs family is doing and how they continue to reach out to the community.
May 1
St. Damien Sews Face Masks To Save Money and Lives
To curb the growing costs of PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic, hospital staff sew face masks to protect both frontline healthcare workers and patients.
Apr. 27
NPH Haiti: Battling COVID-19 by Producing Its Own Hand Sanitizer
St. Damien Pediatric Hospital is in good stead to fight COVID-19, having produced its own hand sanitizer since 2013.
Apr. 20
Blog: NPH Haiti Prays for Strength
Gena Heraty, Director of Special Needs Programs, admits she feels small in the face of COVID-19 and the struggles of daily life in Haiti. And yet, she still has hope.
Mar. 27
NPH Haiti and St. Luke Prepare for COVID-19
The novel coronavirus has reached Haiti. NPFS, St. Damien, and St. Luke stand ready to meet this global pandemic as best they can.
Feb. 6
Year in Review: NPFS Boasts Olympians and Top-Mark Graduates in 2019
From winning gold at the Special Olympics to achieving a 100% pass-rate, see how the children of NPH Haiti came out victorious in a year of political and social upheaval.
Dec. 12
The Flavor of Haitian Christmas: Staying Close to Local Traditions
NPH Haiti makes a special effort to help children keep in touch with French Creole holiday customs.
Nov. 12
First-ever Graduating Class of NPH School Signals Triumph Born of Disaster
The inaugural Class of 2019 completed their studies at the NPH EMAL school created in response to the tragic 2010 Haiti earthquake.
Nov. 11
Alfonso Leon Wins Prestigious Ohtli Award for His Commitment to the People of Haiti
After decades abroad, Hermano Mayor Alfonso Leon receives the prestigious Ohtli Award from the Mexican government for mentoring and supporting youth in communities throughout Haiti.
Nov. 11
St. Damien Hospital Holds Global Pediatric Conference in Haiti
Two local doctors honored with official pediatric surgeon certification to mark opening ceremony of global gathering.
Nov. 11
NPH Impacts the Education Landscape in Haiti
NPFS strives to build brighter futures for Haiti’s children through our education programs.
Nov. 11
A Golden Opportunity for a Talented Young Footballer
"My dream is to become known as a great football player around the world.”
Oct. 23
Haiti: A Crisis Seemingly Without End
An NPH staff person shares a firsthand account of life in Haiti today. As civil unrest and protests escalate, poverty deepens. NPH Haiti, however, strives to support the nation’s most vulnerable citizens.
Oct. 10
Serving Others in the Face of Danger
Since intense political unrest began in Haiti last month, just going to work has become an ordeal.
Dec. 5
You Can Change the Present
Purchase a holiday gift online for a NPH child.

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