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Stevenson received a scholarship from NPH to study medicine.
November 3, 2016 - Haiti

Steevenson received his diploma.

On Saturday, October 22nd, one of our students graduated from medical school in the Dominican Republic from the Catholic Technical University of Cibao. Stevenson Saint-Hilaire worked very hard to achieve this type of success, and he is the second of our youths to take part in the NPH Haiti programs to become a doctor. We want to congratulate him on his hard work, devotion to learning, and his patience to achieve this level of education. His hard work and dedication in working towards his dreams has made us very proud.

Stevenson is 30 years-old and likes to participate in social activities and in helping the community. He likes to read and study and is always up for a good debate about social justice or politics. Stevenson did not grow up at St. Helen, but he is an integral part of our family. His father worked at NPH Haiti for 29 years, and this connection lead to Stevenson’s involvement over the years in many NPH programs. He started as a participant when he was younger, and he became a solid leader as he got older.

He helped to organize and facilitate the reconstruction of the hospice after the earthquake in 2010. NPH started a program in 2003 to help the children in the streets created by Father Rick Frechette, and this program puts people on the street to talk to homeless children, offer them advice, feed them, and help them find schools and homes. Stevenson became one of the leaders who went out and mret these kids. He was eventually made the accountant and did the payroll for teachers and staff members.

In the twelfth grade he travelled with Fr. Rick, in the mobile clinic, to different communities, and most often times they traveled to Cite Soliel. In 2004 and 2005, despite the manifestations there and massive amounts of gang violence, they cared for people who were sick or injured. In 2006, they expanded the reach of the mobile clinic, and they went to work in Cimon Pele, Wharf Jeremie, Belecout, and Bois neuf to bring much needed medical support to the people in these areas who were sick, had gun shot wounds, or who had other injuries. One day Fr. Rick asked Stevenson what he wanted to become after he finished his high school, and he answered quickly that he wanted to become a doctor. He went to the DR when he graduated from high school and tried to get into a university. It wasn’t an easy journey, but Stevenson eventually started his university studies in January 2009. He studied the language before starting courses at the university. According to Stevenson, the biggest challenge he had to overcome was learning to study medicine in a foreign language in a foreign country. He had learned some Spanish in school in Haiti, but the formal book Spanish is very different then the street and Dominican dialects. The best part to him is that he gets to continue to help people through practicing medicine. He said, “I am proud when I get to stand in front of a patient, ready to help them. It is something that I have always dreamed of doing, and it is a position that God has placed me in.”

Stevenson's next goal is to become a cardiovascular surgeon. His current plans are to come back to Haiti to work and help Fr. Rick by providing healthcare to the neediest.

Stevenson says, “It’s not easy to find an organization that cares so well for the people of Haiti like NPH. We need to keep supporting the youth in order for them to have a future. It is important that we pour resources into their education; so that they are better equipped to be professional and to serve their country.”

Stevenson did his internal at: 1) Hospital Universitario Dr Luis Manuel M. King in (internal medicine, pediatrics and maternity) 2) Hospital Traumatologico Profesor Juan Bosh in surgery 3) Hospital Censaide in Social 4) Hospital Universitario Cabral Y Baez in Psychiatry

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