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Our Bodies Need Nutrients

Eating healthy food can help ensure great health.
October 10, 2016 - Haiti

Rodeline talking about the importance of eating healthy food.

Rodeline was born in December 2001, and her mother passed away while she was still young. Unfortunately her father was not able to care for her, and so he decided to call NPH Haiti for help. Rodeline entered our family in October 2011 and has been living with us ever since. Currently, Rodeline is in the ninth grade at St. Helen’s onsite school, which means that next year she will participate in the standardized test provided by the Minister of Education. Then she will move down the mountain tot the city of Tabarre to continue her high school classes.

Our NPH home does whatever it can to successfully care for the needs of our children. In a country like Haiti, where there are so many children suffering from malnutrition, or are unable to obtain sufficient proteins or vitamins, we recognize that we are blessed to have what we have. Rodeline was taught the importance of eating healthy food every day. According to her, “Eating healthy food is very important because it makes our body healthy, and a healthy diet reduces the risk of some chronic body diseases. Also, our body needs nutrients and these come from the food we eat every day, which helps keep us strong during our daily activities. Being healthy protects our cells from damage and allows them to repair themselves.”

We teach our children that having proper nutrition is essential to ensure good health and prevent certain medical conditions. We try and show our kids the benefits of good diet and proper nutrition. We provide special education so they understand some aspects of the immune system.

Their diet is not elaborate, and most days everyone will eat bread and peanut butter for breakfast. Although the purchasing of rice, beans, vegetables, milk, pasta and meat for lunch and dinner is expensive, but we find it vital to maintaining our highest level of care for the kids. Inadequate nutrition will detrimentally effect the physical and mental development of the children. We do our best to fill our kids stomachs and minds with good quality substance.

Denso Gay   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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