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June 5, 2017 - Haiti

Mytherson at the NPH home

Mytherson is a young boy of 24 years; he grew up with his four other siblings at Fonds-Tamarrin in downtown Port-au-Prince. He is the fourth child of his family, and they lived in precarious economic conditions, but their mother was doing all she could to send them to school and have hot meals every day.

The main work Mytherson's mother did to care for her five kids was “Machann Pèpè pwomennen”, selling second hand clothes in the streets. You can imagine how many clothes she could carry at once, on her head with her hands guiding as a support, walking more than 15 kilometers over the city and calling people to come and buy. According to Mytherson, “sometimes my mom went out but didn't sell any clothes; when that happened, we slept without eating anything because she had no money”.

Unfortunately, when the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, Mytherson's mother was out selling clothes and she never came back. This was shocking to the children, and they didn't know how to find her. When everyone went into the streets to look for their families, there was no one to count on or ask for a favor, according to Mytherson. So the older brothers and sisters decided to go and search for their mother, and after a long time of searching, they found her body in a place where there was just one doctor who had tried to give care for her as well as more than a hundred people, and she had already passed. According to Mytherson, this was a dark time for them because his mother took care of them, and their dad was an alcoholic, and not able to work to help the family move forward.

Mytherson decided one day to go off on his own and see how he could care for himself, living in the streets. He met many people and some advised him to speak with NPH Haiti, and he did. Mytherson then decided to join FWAL (Father Wasson Angels of Light program) in 2010. He started by attending the FWAL day camps in the aftermath of the earthquake. When he came to live with us he was in 9th grade and we supported him in all that he needed. Mytherson finished the 12th grade in 2015. He is still living at FWAL but now he is in the Don Bosco program, with the older kids, continuing on to university.

At NPH, it is an important step for our children to give their years of service and take on more responsibilities, and share what they’ve learned with younger children in the homes and schools. These youths usually have a job responsibility during the day and help take care of the little ones in the afternoons and evenings. It gives youth on the brink of adulthood a chance to learn much needed skills before heading out into the real world, a chance to transition from child to adult and feel prepared.

In 2013, Mytherson spent his first year of service working in the kitchen assisting with general duties during the day, such as cleaning and helping prepare the food in the kitchen with the staff. Mytherson lived in a house of 12-13 year old boys at the time and cared for them, helped them with homework, played soccer during free time and was always available for extra support.

Mytherson shares, “My favorite thing about the year was being with the other kids, helping them and caring for them. The kids need to know that people care about them.” He can always be found during his time off hanging out with his petite frères e soeurs (little brothers and sisters).

Currently, Mytherson is part of the program that supports the students attending university or vocational school. Mytherson is studying engineering. He made this decision after he noted what happened in Haiti in 2010, especially to his mother. He said, “all of that happened because of poorly constructed infrastructure, and I need to help fix it when I finish my studies." It is a five-year program and now he is in his second year and knows he needs to work very hard to accomplish his goal.

Mytherson helps support the Sponsorship department in the mornings when he is not too busy with his homework or research, and then he goes to university at the afternoon. He is an incredible help at the office.

Mytherson's story reminds us of a prayer by Samuel Jocelyn, a young man from NPH Haiti. We end with his prayer, for all of the children in this world, especially those in need.

"Dear Lord, In a world where many are lonely, we thank you for friendship and community; In a world where many are suffering we thank you for hope; In a world that many find meaningless we thank you for faith; In a world where many are hungry we thank you for this food. Bless the Children of the earth, may they have the blessings of food and health, may their homes be peaceful, their world safe. Please help us work to make these blessings real through our actions, attention, and love. Amen."

Denso Gay   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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