The Beauty of Sharing Secrets, Games and Love

The story of two siblings that arrived at NPH almost seven years ago.
October 2, 2017 - Mexico

They are happy together.

Ileana* and Brando* are two siblings that came to our NPH family almost seven years ago, when they were three and five years old. Their father was alone and desperate because he couldn’t find a job due to his advanced age, so he reached out to NPH.

From the moment you meet Ileana and Brando, you instantly notice their joy, their complicity and you realize how wonderful and special their relationship is; they really value being together.

Ileana is the eldest, a very loving pequeña (NPH youth) and patient with her brother’s jokes; she is always on the lookout for him.

At school, they love to meet their friends and play during recess, and when the school day is over, they wait for each other to walk to their dorms together. They give each other a goodbye hug because they have different activities in the afternoons, after lunch.

Brando is a smiling and very playful boy and his best friend is his sister. They tell each other their secrets, and when Brando pulls a prank, Ileana can tell immediately, she says she can recognize his mischievous face and he ends up telling her the truth.

Ileana likes to give advice to Brando and in the afternoons she helps him with his reading and writing. Sometimes you can see them with a book in any part of the house, though they prefer sitting under a tree or where there’s not too much noise.

Both of them enjoy family celebrations at the home, but their favorite festivity is “Godparents’ Day” because they play many fun games and end up tired after so much playing and running.

Ileana and Brando have enjoyed being part of NPH; what Ileana most likes is the people who care for them, because they feel like they are taken care of well, they truly show interest in them and they really love them. Brando has always thought that there’s no better place for them to be together than NPH, because Casa San Salvador in Miacatlán is so big and he loves that there’s a lot of space for them and many trees.

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

Vanessa Cruz   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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