You Can Change the Present

Purchase a holiday gift online for a NPH child.
December 5, 2012 - International

NPH Haiti St. Louis children pose for a Christmas photo.

This holiday season we are "Changing the Present," and bringing the NPH community together to try to get 1000 people to change the present they normally give during the holidays. Create a positive impact for our children at NPH by purchasing a gift through NPH's online "MyGoodShop" for as little as $5. Here your donations go directly to purchase items.

You can also purchase a gift card on the MyGoodShop, which makes it a wonderful experience for the person receiving the gift as they can then go online, learn more about NPH, and actually choose what they would like to purchase for the children.

We are "Changing the Present," and want you to join us by going to, make a purchase, and passing it on to everyone you know. Help us reach our goal of 1000 presents purchased by December 25th.

Share this to help us reach this goal this year, create positive change, and join us in "Changing the Present."

Alicia Marseille   
Website Editor




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