NPH Haiti 30th Anniversary Gala

A great success...St. Damien's first fundraising gala.
August 16, 2017 - Haiti

Sr. Judy and Gena Heraty accompanied their team to the gala

On June 17, 2017, NPH Haiti held its first fundraising gala at the Marriott Hotel to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the organization in Haiti. Our team was happy to celebrate with the Haitian community and international guests its achievements in Haiti in supporting maternal and pediatric healthcare as well as raising and transforming the lives of vulnerable children.

The Anniversary Gala was a resounding success! The events kicked off with a performance by Voices of Haïti, a choir of 60 children that attend schools managed by the Saint Luke Foundation for Haiti and trained under the auspices of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation.

Fr. Rick Frechette, who co-founded NPH Haiti alongside Dr. Jacqueline Gautier, St. Damien Director of Healthcare, and Kenson Kaas, who grew up at St. Hélène, the flagship home and is presently the NPH Haiti Director of Childcare, all delivered moving speeches. Dr. Greta Roy Clément, the Minister of Health, recognized the role of St. Damien as the only pediatric hospital in Haiti for more than 20 years, thanking the organization for its great service to the community, particularly in time of great difficulties, referring to the long five months of strike at the public hospitals in 2016.

The audience was treated to beautiful and lively songs by reknown Haitian Singer Emeline Michelle. The evening also featured an entertaining stand up piece by comedian Cynthia Jean Louis. The evening wrapped up with a charming performance by the St. Hélène dance group.

The gala included a silent auction, which highlighted the artwork of several Haitian Artists including: Mrs. Nathalie Jolivert, Makeda and Mr. Franck Etienne; the auction also featured jewelry and crafts from the Collections Dorées and baskets of spices from Myabèl company.

Over 220 local and international guests attended, uniting together on a beautiful and pleasant evening over a great cause. The media shared glowing reviews of the gala and of the work NPH Haiti does in support of vulnerable families in Haiti. . The gala was sponsored by over 32 local companies and individuals. NPH Haiti was very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response. The event was a great success and opened the way for NPH to raise awareness and continue to call for the support of the Haitian community for its crucial work in Haiti.

Following the gala, St. Damien organized a two day international pediatric congress with the cooperation of St. Damien Collaborative and the Société Haitienne de Pédiatrie (Haitian Pediatric Society). 170 pediatricians, physicians in training and other healthcare professionals attended. Haitian and international guest speakers shared their works with the attendees who were very appreciative of the opportunity for continuous education in pediatrics.

Denso Gay and Damarie Voight   
Communication Officer/Assistant to St. Damien Director




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