Responding to the Need of our Northern Neighbors

NPH Haiti provides supplies to Hurricane Irma affected areas in Anse-A-Foleur.
November 13, 2017 - Haiti

6 tons of clothes and sheets, towels donated to people affected by Hurricane Irma

Haiti is a beautiful Caribbean country, but fragile and filled with poverty. It is also struggling to heal from natural disasters that repeatedly hit the country, including the earthquake of 2010, Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and most recently, Hurricane Irma.

Last year, Haiti was devastated by Hurricane Matthew, which rampaged through the south of Haiti. Gardens and crops were flooded, animals drowned, and houses destroyed.

NPH Haiti visited the site immediately to bring support to a population that had almost nothing left. We have invested in the communities to help them regain their livelihood; now their gardens are beginning to grow again, and new houses and roofs have more secure accommodations.

Unfortunately less than one year later, Haiti was hit by another hurricane, this time in the northwest of the country, in Anse-A-Foleur and Lartibonite Ouanaminth.

Hurricane Irma flooded the areas, taking a bridge, houses, schools, and churches, not to mention the gardens and animals, which are a livelihood for the people. NPH Haiti President Fr. Rick Frechette responded to the need - he and his team traveled with a caravan from Grand-Anse to Port-de-Paix, Ouanaminth and Anse-A-Foleur.

The teams of NPH Haiti and our partner, the St. Luke Foundation, travelled to deliver 17 tons of food (rice and cooking oil), 17 tons of water, 6 tons of clothes, sheets and towels, 60,000 aquatabs, 6 sacks of laundry soap powder and 25 boxes of soap bars to the affected areas.

The teams are now supplying roofing materials to repair 20 houses and donated 250 marmites of seeds for planting, close to 1,000 lbs. The NPH youth in the Don Bosco Higher Education program traveled over 16 hours on bad roads to deliver these supplies.

The team slept in the pick-up trucks and some decided to sleep on the top of the trucks that carried the materials. Others found a place at the presbytery in a Catholic Church in Port de Paix to sleep for the night. This area has many rivers to cross, and one of the cars stopped in the middle of the river, damaged and not able to make the rest of the trip. The supplies were then delivered to those in need, who lived in the neighborhoods surrounding the river.

Donations were also delivered to Caritas and Food for the Poor before the team arrived in Anse-A-Foleur. More supplies were given to the mayor of the town and civil protection for them to distribute.

We end with a note from Fr. Rick, who wrote on the day of Hurricane Irma, It was a busy day for us on site because we had given the day free to 80% of staff to ride out the storm at home, off the streets, and with their children. We were very lucky and it seems Irma is well past Haiti now. Let's thank God together for our good fortune, and stay ready to help anyone in the north of Haiti who was not. Peace to all, and God's blessing.

Denso Gay   
Communication Officer




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