The Importance of Providing Training

Visiting experts help advance our staff in our special needs programs.
June 6, 2018 - Haiti

Our staff during a training session.

Over the past two months, all of our staff have been very busy in various training sessions at our special needs programs. We are very privileged to have many teams of experts who return every year to up-skill our staff and evaluate our programs. In doing so, they are empowering our staff to become more and more expert in their fields. Our visiting experts provide therapy and training which is not available locally, nor in many countries of the world.

Monica Tinghino – A Cranio-sacral Therapist from Milano, Italy. Monica was amazing in the treatment of children with epilepsy. Through her interventions, the children's bodies relaxed, no longer stressed in their movements. Two months later the children are still benefitting from her interventions. We are grateful to the NPH Italy Francesca Rava Foundation for organizing Monica's time in Haiti.

Jason & Lori – Behavioural Psychologists from Greenville, North Carolina. Jason Cone and Lori Elei Stuart were introduced to us by Lora and six visits later they returned to Haiti energized and positive. They focus on communication and behavioural strategies to enable children to communicate to the best of their abailities. They have worked closely with our teacher Magalie and our therapists Emmanuel and Yvesrose during their visits. They have given training on how to observe the students and develop strategies to be implemented in the school. They gave a training day to all of our school staff and leaders from our partners Aksyon Gasmy. They are very excited about the developments in the school.

Lora Clark Joyner & Karen Poole – School Physical Therapists from Greenville, North Carolina. We are very thankful to Lora and Karen who come every year. Lora has reached a milestone of 10 training trips to Haiti. Both Lora and Karen work in the school system and bring a wealth of both Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy skills to our team, the parents of the children and also the caregivers of children. They focus on positioning, feeding and functional learning, all of which are vital in the development of special needs children in Haiti.

Dr. Bernard Joseph – Staff Cancer Awareness Training, Haiti. Our staff and parents were very grateful to the Cancer Awareness Training which Dr. Bernard provided. His presentations over two afternoons focused on the cancers which are most prevalent in Haiti. The images all portrayed the main local carcinogens and cancers which are prevalent here in Haiti. He answered endless questions, cancer is a great worry among everyone. He asked that our staff become "Ambassadors for Cancer in Haiti", "encourage everyone to eat healthy, avoid carcinogens and to seek treatment as soon as possible if they have a worry". We sincerely wish to thank of of our expert visitors, for their expertise and for their friendship.

Jacinta McGuane   
Coordinator of the Special Needs program




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