NPH Haiti Family is Safe

Third day of protests and violence.
July 8, 2018 - Haiti

View of smoke filled sky with NPH Haiti team members.

Dear NPH Family,

Protests, violence, and looting has broken out in Haiti in response to a spike in gasoline and diesel prices announced by government officials.

Major airlines have canceled flights and embassies have warned their citizens against travel to Haiti at this time and for all citizens in country to remain inside.

Thankfully, the children and staff at the NPH homes are safe. Most staff have remained onsite at our programs, including staff at the NPH St. Damien Pediatric Hospital.

Currently there are adequate supplies of food and water. Fr. Rick Frechette and his team have delivered some food to staff and patients at the St. Damien and St. Luke hospitals.

Electricity shortages are affecting areas but our facilities do have generators that they are currently using.

We ask for your prayers for the country and for our Haiti family during this tumultuous and difficult time.

Fr. Rick writes, “Let's keep our courage, and our hope. St. Paul says, 'where there is evil, grace abounds even more.’ “

Monica Gery   
Brand and Design Manager




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