First-ever Graduating Class of NPH School Signals Triumph Born of Disaster

The inaugural Class of 2019 completed their studies at the NPH EMAL school created in response to the tragic 2010 Haiti earthquake.
November 12, 2019 - Haiti

The first-ever graduating class of Ecole Mixte Ange de Lumiere (EMAL) beams with pride and excitement.

Twenty-one students became the first-ever graduating class of Ecole Mixte Angel de Lumiere (EMAL) on 19 July 2019. This group of bright young people finished terminal (12th grade) to become the first group to graduate from the school inaugurated just seven years ago in response to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake.

For everyone in the NPH Haiti family, it was a great joy to witness the graduation ceremony. Besides the stress and sorrow many students endured during and after the earthquake, they demonstrated perseverance and aptitude to not only pass difficult exams, but also overcome pain and turn it into opportunity.

Students threw their mortarboards into the air and sat through motivational speeches, as they looked toward the future with positivity. Success is not always easy but, with patience and devotion, the students proved you can succeed.

NPH strives to serve children from impoverished areas with little or no access to education. Many of these graduates are from just such communities. They overcame great financial and social hardships to achieve this educational feat.

The majority of the graduates are awaiting news from the ministry as they make plans to attend one of the universities near Port-au-Prince. The NPH Haiti University Program is actually administered by ex-eleves (older graduates) who grew up in Kenscoff. Graduates can choose a vocational profession or enroll in a bachelor program lasting four to seven years, depending on the subject.

NPH continues to help our youth and young adults after they finish 12th grade. We are committed to continuing to providing opportunities that best serve their talents and their aspirations.

As the 10th anniversary of the Haiti earthquake approaches, NPH Haiti is beginning to realize the culmination of many of the projects created in response to the disaster. It was a dark moment in the history of Haiti, killing some 300,000 people, leaving many families homeless, and destroying critical infrastructure totaling billions of dollars in damage.

Father Wasson Angels of Light (FWAL) was born in the tent cities for displaced people and families in the earthquake’s aftermath. With many children left with no access to education, NPH Haiti built tent schools to ensure that these children did not go without; however, after several bad wind and rain storms, it was clear that the makeshift classrooms were not a durable solution.

In 2012 NPH opened a primary school located behind the FWAL housing facility. Today, the school has 20 classrooms and serves primary school students in grades 1-8. External students then go on to the St. Helene school to finish their education. The school also has three administrative offices, a small store, and basketball and football courts. Classes consist of mathematics, history, science, writing, grammar, and other basic subjects. Older children take foreign language courses like English and Spanish.

After completing grades 9 and 10, students take a standardized state exam lasting lasts three to four days. The school has an average of 30-35 students per class with several teachers in each room. The current director of the school is Jean Erinol, who previously has served as St. Helene school director.

These education projects would not be possible without the commitment of our supporters, godparents, donors, and those who contribute in other ways to the success of NPH students.

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world.”

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Denso Gay   
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