Crisis Announcement: Political Unrest in Haiti

NPH Haiti National Director Kenson Kaas gives on update on the political unrest in Haiti and how it is impacting our NPH home and family.
February 11, 2019 - Haiti

A photo of Fr. Rick Frechette, CP, DO, during a past incident of unrest in the country. NPH staff have been unable to take photos of the current unrest due to safety concerns.

Since Wednesday afternoon, February 6, a political protest erupted and has since escalated. Today, Monday, February 11, is the fifth day of the protests. There are no signs of the protests lessening or ending anytime soon. Several people have died or been injured. Neither Haitian President Jovenel MoÔse nor the national police force appears to have control of the situation. Protesters are looting, burning tires in the streets, and making passage through Port-au-Prince difficult, even by ambulance.

Social media is the main source of news and information, which is making the situation worse as it is hard to know what is true; unfortunately, people are acting on this information. People feel hopeless and it seems they will do anything to try to change the situation. Recent actions include vandalizing preparations for carnival.

Some protesters are targeting the upper class, blaming them for Haitiís current economic woes. Some are calling on President MoÔse to resign, citing his lack of leadership and inability to control the situation. This round of protests is motivated by quickly rising inflation and charges of corruption against the MoÔse administration.

All businesses and institutions are closed. Some international institutions have encouraged their employees to leave the country. The streets are very unsafe. We have asked our NPH Haiti employees to stay home.

A Communications department photography project that had just gotten underway has been canceled. The team has left Haiti. Visitor groups from NPH Offices planned for this month have also been canceled.

The NPH facility in Kenscoff may have a cooking gas shortage, if the situation persists. Otherwise, the situation inside the home is stable.

Kenson Kaas   
National Director of Childcare, NPH Haiti




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