Welcome to the NPH Family: Jorge Villar Miguélez

NPH is pleased to announce the appointment of Jorge Villar Miguélez as NPHI Director of Family Services. Welcome to the team.
October 10, 2019 - NPH International

Jorge Villar Miguélez: NPHI Director of Family Services

After a thorough and thoughtful search for the successor to Donna Egge, who retired in March 2019, Jorge has joined the NPH family, beginning the role on Monday, 23 September 2019.

Originally from the City of Puebla, Mexico, he is a globally recognized child development expert. Jorge is a clinical psychologist, who has also studied pedagogy and anthropology. He speaks Spanish and English.

An early calling to both volunteer and serve took Jorge to rural Mexico and abroad to England in his youth. Early volunteer positions include working with street children at a residential facility and working as an adult literacy teacher.

He went on to enter the Religious Order of the Pious Schools, where he studied philosophy and theology. He then joined the Maconí Mission in Sierra Gorda, Querétaro, where he worked in a rural school and helped local subsistence farm families. He also spent time in Jalisco training young women and men for technical careers in community service and development. During this time, he helped establish a foundation to support child laborers and street children in the City of Puebla.

Later he worked with the founders of the JUCONI Foundation (Junto con las niñas y los niños), with offices in Puebla and Mexico City. He helped develop a methodology to support and strengthen child laborers and youth living on the street with a focus on family support, human rights, and gender equality. This methodology was later adopted by similar organizations in Mexico and abroad in Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Most recently he was Director General of an early childhood organization where he championed methodologies that put families first and promoted the participation of men in the care and development of children in their early years.

He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Network for Mexican International Cooperation (REDECIM or la Red por Cooperación Internacional Mexicana). Last year he was selected as just one of two people from Mexico to join Global Leaders for Young Children (Líderes Globales por la Primera Infancia). Within this international organization, he is a member of the Latin American cohort alongside child development experts from Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Puerto Rico.

Jorge’s affinity for the mission and work of NPH make him a natural fit for the Family Services department. Both his professional pursuits and his volunteer service are evidence of a lifelong commitment to supporting disadvantaged and abandoned children and to strengthening the bonds of family.

When speaking about his new role with NPH, Jorge says:

"Over my many years working with abandoned children, I have come to understand the importance that family has for their personal recovery and social integration. For girls and boys growing up in alternative care—though at times temporary—I maintain the firm belief that we have to function as a large family to achieve their development. I promote the idea that “the family is a circle of people who love you.”

"With great enthusiasm and joy I join Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, a great institution that promotes family ties in order to develop the best potential of all girls, boys, and young people."

Interested in learning more about the NPH Family Services Program? Visit nph.org.

Gia Riney
Director of Communications - NPH International




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