Our Voices: Ophani from NPH Haiti

As part of the Our Voices series, Ophani explains how she has returned to the home she grew up in to support our younger girls during COVID-19, and the joys of having godparents.
January 20, 2021 - Haiti

Ophani shows off her Our Voices letter, explaining the joys of having godparents.

Dear the World,

How are you? How are your friends and families and activities? For me, things are going very well, even if there is this pandemic which is raging and doesnít stop forcing us to change our plans and rethink our goals.

With COVID-19, I realize we are really afraid of losing our loved ones, and I also understand that protecting ourselves is the best thing we can do, but I am still worried about my country, my family, my friends and my studies because COVID-19 has called everything into question.

What is my future? In Haiti, the current inflation rate is 23.8 percent and the cost of living is increasing every day since we do not produce enough and we import more than we export, so this is where my concern is growing for my family, the people I love and myself. All I hope is everything gets better because I would like to finish college and obtain a job, but if things don't work out the way I hope, I will have to find a way to leave Haiti and regain a taste for life somewhere else.

After the president declared that everyone should stay in confinement, I was asked to come to the St. Helene home, NPH Haiti, where I grew up, to help the younger ones and the cooking in the kitchens. I am responsible for a group of girls between 9- and 13-years-old, and I help them as much as I can, because they are young, they need remained balanced, to cope with the changes and not become too stressed.

I remember when I first came to NPH Haiti. I arrived in August 2004 with my brother when I was seven-years-old. My parents had just died and we lived with some neighbors, but they couldnít take care of us anymore so they reached out to NPH for help.

Since I first came to St. Helene, I have always considered godparents as people who want to improve, give access to happiness and pleasures of life to vulnerable and at-risk children, since they are defenseless. Godparents are like having someone we can count on, like our parents if I can put it that way. I have always ensured that I stay in contact with my godparents with letters and drawings. I have always enjoyed the process.

With sponsorship, I was able to understand the bridge between the donors, the godparents, and the children, and I am so grateful for the work they do. I accept that without sponsorship, I would not have heard from all these people who have come to my aid, who care about me and also for whom I care.

I tell you sincerely that you are angels of the Lord for me. I could try to do what you have done for me, but I know that it would still not be enough. You are special people with big hearts. Let God keep you safe and continue to protect you against all the misfortunes of this world.



Childrenís names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Ophani is now 24-years-old. She is part of the Don Bosco university program, where she is studying SME Management at Quisqueya University for four years. She expects to finished in 2022. She would like to be an engineer or economist in future

You can support inspiring children and youths like Ophani by donating to our programs or by becoming a godparent. Contact your local fundraising office to see how you can support the NPH family.

University Student and Godchild at NPH Haiti




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