BLOG: Our COVID-19 Protection Ladies

A dedicated team of ladies have been supporting staff and patients in our Special Needs Program at NPH Haiti with PPE clothing and equipment during COVID-19 to enable services to remain open.
April 16, 2021 - Haiti

anet, Marie, Marie Louse & Yvonne ensure that there are plenty of clean PPE for all staff members each day

Due to our COVID-19 protection team and their hard work, our Special Needs Program at NPH Haiti has been able to provide essential therapy sessions to patients with severe disabilities and individual workshops for students. Without this committed team of ladies, these services would have had to be suspended as the pandemic impacts the country.

Our staff, students and special needs population recognize the commitment of the team, who ensure everyone's safety especially with their general health being vulnerable to COVID-19, which according to Johns Hopkins University and Medicine has claimed over 200 lives in Haiti.

Each morning, patients and staff are met by Liline and Juna at our special needs home, Kay St. Germaine, who monitor their temperature and oxygen saturation, and check if they are coughing, while adults arriving for therapy also have their blood pressure measured. They ensure that everyone wears a face-mask and has washed their hands at our hand-washing stations prior to entering.

On a daily basis, Janet, Marie, Marie Louse and Yvonne make sure that there is plenty of clean PPE for all staff members. After treating each patient, our therapists change their PPE, disinfect all used materials and the treatment area. Meanwhile, patients and students arrive on an appointment-based system strictly observed by staff so we can apply social distancing measures at the home.

Our teachers also wear PPE, including face-masks, protective goggles and gowns. We have put this safety measure in place to protect our staff, students and their parents as many have underlying medical conditions as well as their 'special needs'.

Thanks to Haiti Orphanage Project ESPWA (HOPE) in Ireland and their donors, we have plenty of cotton PPE, which our staff sincerely appreciate.

As the numbers of positive COVID-19 (Kowonaviris as it is known in Haiti) have recommenced to increase steadily in the past week, we are hopeful that all of the precautions, training sessions and guidance we give to staff, students, patients and parents will help to protect them and their families in the coming weeks and months.

Support our Special Needs Programs at NPH Haiti by visiting #Beatcoronavirus.

Jacinta Mcguane   
Coordinator of the Special Needs programs




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