Godparent Office - from Dec 31, 2018 - 1 job for 13 months in NPH Mexico.

Volunteers usually begin service in either January or July.

The Godparent Department is responsible for acting as a liaison between our children and the international family of Godparents who fund our homes. When a donor becomes a Godparent, they are assigned a child with whom they correspond.

Responsibilities of the office inclulde:

  • writing annual progress reports on each child
  • coordinating annual Christmas cards with a photo of the Godchild
  • translating letters
  • writing case histories for children recently arrived at the home
  • providing new case histories to the fundraising offices
  • tracking all incoming letters, gifts and gift money to ensure that each Godparent receives a response to their correspondence
  • coordinating a monthly birthday celebration

The children benefit in many ways from their relationship with their Godparent. They gain some cross-cultural experience and perspective which is often lacking in their sheltered environment. The children also develop a relationship with an outside adult which is not usually shared with anyone else at the home. Once a year, the European offices coordinate a trip to a different home. These Padrino trips usually consist of 20-30 Godparents. It is a special treat for the children to meet their Godparents in person.

Computer skills are necessary as well as the ability to work with children. Spanish and English skills are required if working in one of the Latin American homes, while any additional language greatly increases the amount of work you can do. We are in constant correspondence with the offices in Austria, Holland, France and Italy.




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